Go for a complete make-up look from skincare, skin, eyes to lips. Everything is in this. Ideal if you have an event, or as a pampering moment. Aren't you used to make up? Or do you like a natural look? Then this is the best application for you.

During the application, an explanation is also given, but if you want to learn how to make up - check out our make-up workshop.

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Are you going out for a night out? Do you like a brighter makeup look? We prep your skin and apply foundation, eyes & lips. Think of a day make-up with an extra such as smokey eyes, eyeliner, bright lips, etc.

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Would you like to learn how to make up? It doesn't matter how much make-up experience you have - this workshop is for everyone. Accompanied by a professional make-up artist, you will get started on your own face. Starting from facial care to a full make-up (day or evening look). Step by step you will be shown how to apply your make-up and facial care.
With 2 people or more? €70/person • 75 min

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Do you want to attend a workshop with a large group? You can! Is it for a bachelor or someone's birthday? Let us know! Send us a message and we'll arrange it for you!
(from 5 persons)

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First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! We make sure you shine on your wedding day! Do you like a very natural look or do you want something more? We've got you! Before you come to us on your wedding day, we do a make-up test. Here we look for the perfect makeup look that suits the location, your dress… We write down which products we use, so that we can create the same look at your wedding. On the day of your wedding you come to the store in Mechelen and you can relax while we take care of your makeup.

  • bridal haircut : we take care of your hair and make-up - we look for the perfect look! A trial haircut is also provided so that we know exactly what to do at your wedding. • €100
  • bridal suite : Do you want mom, sister, aunt, brother… make-up or haircut? You can. Let us know for how many people, then we can see how many make-up & hair artists we need to provide! • per person: €70 make-up & €40 haircut
  • false eyelashes • €10
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Would you like to get started as a make-up artist or are you already experienced, but do you want to learn/refresh some techniques? We provide a model and get to work together. Think graphic eyeliners, a tight red lip, make-up for men, different skin tones, latest trend of practicing on the runway? Let me know what you would like to learn and let's do it. Are you inexperienced and do you really want to learn everything about the trade? You can follow multiple makeup training courses - contact us and we'll discuss the possibilities!

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