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La Douceur glass nail file


 Take your nail care to the next level with this nail file. This durable, crystal-like nail file transforms your manicure into healthy, perfectly shaped nails. Because it is made of glass instead of metal or plastic, it is softer, gentler and prevents breakage.

Although it is made of glass, the nail file is not at all as delicate as you might think. The glass is sandblasted, resulting in sturdiness and durability. It is made to last a lifetime.

Moreover, our nail file is user-friendly, suitable for all nail types and shapes, and easy to clean by running it under tap water or even cleaning it thoroughly in the dishwasher.

Not only is this nail file beautiful to look at, but it is designed to last a lifetime. Which is extremely exceptional! Plus, despite being made of glass, it doesn't break easily at all!
All types of nails
• Place the file at a 45 degree angle under the edge of your nail.
• Use smooth, circular motions and move from the sides to the center of your nail.
• Hold the file loosely - and avoid 'sawing' which can damage the nails.
• To clean it: this can be done under the tap or you can put it in the dishwasher for an extra thorough cleaning.
Belgium and the Netherlands
• Free delivery for orders over €39
• Standard delivery costs €3.99

France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Denmark
• Free delivery for orders over €150
• Standard delivery fee is €10

• Free samples with every order
• ZERO plastic, recycled packaging

30 days free return for unopened packaging.
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