Home Essentials Gift Set | No. 08 Nuit des Figues


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy with this home essentials gift set from Marie-Stella-Maris. Every room in your home is ready for the holidays with the rich blend of rhubarb, fig and amber. The scented sticks emit a continuous scent and with the scented candle you can decide when you want to add a fresh touch to the room. A luxurious gift set for a special occasion!

This set contains:

  • Fragrance sticks (250 ml)
  • Scented candle (300 g), with 100% natural and vegan wax made from rapeseed and coconut oil. This is also refillable.
  • Matchsticks
• With the scented sticks and scented candle you create a pleasant scent experience in every room
• new fragrance: Nuit des Figues
New scent! No.08 Nuit des Figues. The celebration of the fig; from the green leaves to the fruity heart. Brightness is softened by a white floral accord, while fresh rhubarb balances the sweetness. The composition is warmed with a base of amber and a hint of spice, creating a rich and warm feeling.
• fragrance sticks: linalyl acetate / linalool / alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde / dl-limonene / geraniol / 1-(1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8-octahydro-2 /3 /8 /8- tetramethyl-2-naphtyl)ethan-1-one / citronellol / nerol / 2 /4-dimethylcyclohex-3-ene-1-carbaldehyde / citral / (-)-pin-2(3)-ene / 1- (2 /6 /6-trimethyl-1 /3-cyclohexadien-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one. • scented candle: linalyl acetate / linalool / rose ketone-4 / hexyl cinnamal / citral / lavandula hybrida grosso herb oil / geraniol / citronellol / tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes / limonene / nerol / dimethyl- 3-cyclohexene-1-carbaldehyde
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